About Wraiths and Strays

Welcome to the Wraiths and Strays website, we are a World of Warcraft guild on the Nordrassil Server.

Current W&S members (and any ex  and non members who are interested) please register on the forums here and "apply to guild" and I'll accept you. The "launch code" is the same as the mumble password. If you put that on your application it will speed things up a lot! If not I'll accept you manually.

Please change your mumble settings to mumble.wraithsandstrays.com as the server - it will not work any more unless you do!



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Expansion is coming!

by Yarral, 41 days ago

The expansion is out today! And W&S is going strong as a guild.
Lets try to organize guild groups for the new stuff wherever possible :)

And lets get these forums going again. For anyone visiting there is a lot more activity on our facebook group but that's sadly not visible to the general public.

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